Towards Common Principles: A Discussion Document

Following the symposia series held in the first half of 2013, and with reference to the various papers that had been presented, the comments offered by discussants and the debates that followed, those leading the Academy’s project on research ethics in the social science wrote a discussion paper entitled: ‘Towards Common Principles for Social Science Research Ethics: A Discussion Document for the Academy of Social Sciences.’ The first draft was written by Prof Robert Dingwall and the paper was subsequently presented to the January 2014 conference. The paper had been pre-distributed to those attending and some of the conference sessions were dedicated to discussing it. We also invited readers to send any further comments they might have by email.

The paper was subsequently revised and can be read here [.pdf]. Whilst we plan to publish this document in the Academy’s series of ‘Professional Briefings’ we would still welcome your comments. They can be sent to the project coordinator at [email protected]