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International and Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Evidence-based Policy- Seminar 5: Building Age-friendly Cities: New Approaches to Environmental Design and Social Policy

25 October 2018 at 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

This half-day seminar in the Academy’s series on evidence-based policy will take the form of ‘conversations’ between researchers and policy advisers/users, followed by group discussions.
The seminar will serve as a forum at which participants from different national and disciplinary perspectives discuss and develop ideas for projects and articles in a themed issue of a journal.

Convenors: Christopher Phillipson FAcSS, University of Manchester, and Tom Schuller FAcSS, Birkbeck College, London

Date: 25 October 2018 11.00-4.00 Venue: University of Manchester

Outline: The impact of population ageing on the economy and health care is much discussed. But where older people live is important as well. Mostly this will be in the cities of the world. The debate around age-friendly cities has created an important agenda for re-thinking the way in which we manage our urban environments. Some of the questions raised include: Do older people have a ‘right’ to a share of urban space? Is the idea of ‘age-friendly’ caring communities compatible with modern urbanisation? Such questions suggest major issues for the age-friendly movement, in particular whether the idea of ‘age-friendliness’ will progress mainly as a form of ‘branding’ for cities concerned with improving their status. Alternatively, will the movement begin to engage with the serious problems facing cities, notably widening inequalities, the impact of climate change, and the lack of affordable housing? Topics for discussion will include: Planning for inter-generational cities; developing lifetime homes and neighbourhoods; involving older people in urban design and planning; and supporting diverse older populations.

Conversation 1: Designing age-friendly environments

Interviewer: Christopher Phillipson FAcSS Professor Sociology & Social Gerontology University of Manchester in conversation with Jeremy Porteus Managing Director, Learning & Improvement Network and Rose Gilroy Professor of Ageing, Policy & Planning, Newcastle University

Conversation 2: Developing policies for age-friendly environments:

Interviewer: Tom Schuller FAcSS Social and Educational Researcher in conversation with Paul McGarry Strategic Lead, Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and Anthea Tinker FAcSS Professor of Social Gerontology, King’s College

To register and for all enquiries please contact [email protected]

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