The Academy of Social Sciences is the national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences. Its mission is to promote social science in the United Kingdom for the public benefit.

The Academy is composed of 1400 individual Fellows, 45 Learned Societies and a number of affiliates, together representing nearly 90,000 social scientists. Fellows are distinguished scholars and practitioners from academia and the public and private sectors. Most Learned Societies in the social sciences in the UK are represented within the Academy. The Campaign for Social Science is the outward-facing, advocacy voice of the Academy of Social Sciences.


We promote research, publish learned material, distribute information, organise workshops and events, and contribute to public debates on issues affecting the social sciences. We also respond to Government and other consultations on behalf of the social science community, and sponsor a number of schemes that promote social science and enhance its value to society. Our focus is multidisciplinary and encompasses both theoretical and applied work.

The Campaign for Social Science is the outward-facing, advocacy voice of the Academy of Social Sciences.

What does the award of ‘Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences’ mean?

Being a Fellow means that a peer group has reviewed the standing and impact of one’s work and found it worthy of the award of Fellow. Typically, the award would not be conferred until the person being nominated is in at least mid career, with significant achievements to their name, and they must have contributed to social science more broadly than the normal demands of their job. This contribution can be in the areas of thought leadership, practical application or policy development. This recognition is valued by holders of the award and has often been found to be helpful in supporting applications for new roles, internal promotion and wider standing.

Fellows are entitled to use the post nominal letters ‘FAcSS‘. They receive the Academy’s journal, Contemporary Social Science, and the monthly eBulletin covering news, events, and policy. They’re also able to participate in a range of events and to use the cafe at 33 Finsbury Square.

More information on making nominations and membership