Call for evidence – Asylum, Migration and Settlement Study Group

25 June 2017

Small boy looking through barbed wire

The Academy’s Asylum, Migration and Settlement Study Group would like to issue a call to members of the Academy for evidence, from their and others’ past and present research, about the effects of recent and upcoming policy shifts nationally and internationally on UK refugee, migration, citizenship, and border issues.

As an AcSS Study Group, and with input from other interested AcSS members, we aim to produce a report on this topic over the next few months. We will use the responses to this call to inform the report, and so it would be helpful if you could raise now any information and topics you think should be included.

Please send material, references, and expressions of interest in participating to Professor Corinne Squire FAcSS at [email protected] by 31st August 2017.

Group members: Floya Anthias, Avtar Brah FAcSS, Heaven Crawley FAcSS, Eleanore Kofman, Jenny Phillimore FAcSS, Ann Phoenix FAcSS, Nando Sigona, Corinne Squire FAcSS and Nira Yuval-Davis FAcSS.