Chair of Council’s book is Times Book of the Week

January 8, 2015

The latest publication by the Academy’s Chair of Council, Professor Sir Cary Cooper FAcSS, has been chosen by the Times newspaper as its Book of the Week. The paper writes of ‘Solving the Strategy Delusion’ by Marc Stigter and Cary Cooper:

“Once you’ve waded through some unwieldiness — the subtitle is Mobilising People and Realising Distinctive Strategies, whatever that means — this is a worthwhile look at why companies’ attempts at strategy frequently fail and how to ensure that it doesn’t.

“Challenging “delusional” approaches to strategy, the book races through how to create distinctive plans with both the customer and the workforce. The detailed glossary offers a mini-MBA of its own.”

Find out more on the Palgrave Macmillan website.

9781137394675Solving the Strategy Delusion takes a pioneering approach to challenging conventional and ‘delusional’ approaches to strategy. A result of years of academic research and consulting, it presents readers with a practical understanding about why strategic change consistently fails, and most importantly what to do about it.

This new book offers different ways of seeing, thinking, planning, acting, and mobilising when it comes to making strategy happen in a world of volatility and complexity. By examining how leaders are trapped within rigid beliefs and conventional strategic thinking, it will help you to co-create distinctive strategies with customers, the workforce and other stakeholders enabling you to overcome organizational inertia and mobilize people. Essential reading for those who want a different style of strategy, Solving the Strategy Delusion reveals how to sustain momentum and energy throughout the strategic change process and crucially, engage your workforce.

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