Fifty-eight leading social scientists conferred as Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences

5 April 2018

New Fellows Spring 2018

  • Trudi Elliott FAcSS
    Trudi Elliott FAcSS
  • Paul Johnson FAcSS
  • Jonathan Portes FAcSS
  • Kathryn Hochstetler FAcSS

The Academy of Social Sciences has announced today (5 April 2018) that it has conferred the award of Fellow on 58 leading social scientists.

The new Fellows are drawn from academics, practitioners and policymakers across the social sciences. They have been recognised after an extensive peer review process for the excellence and impact of their work through the use of social science for public benefit.

Announcing the conferment, Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS, Chair of the Academy said:

“Each new Fellow has made an outstanding contribution in their respective field and together they demonstrate the vital role played by social science in addressing some of our most pressing public issues.

We are delighted to welcome them to the Academy.”

The new Fellows are:
Professor Julie Allan FAcSS, Professor of Equity and Inclusion, University of Birmingham
Professor Vivienne Marie Baumfield FAcSS, Professor of Professional Learning, University of Exeter
Professor Kalwant Bhopal FAcSS, Professor of Education and Social Justice, University of Birmingham
Professor Sarah Birch FAcSS, Professor of Political Science, King’s College London
Professor Mark Birkin FAcSS, Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy, University of Leeds
Professor Katrina Brown FAcSS, Professor of Social Science, University of Exeter
Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin FAcSS, Professor of Behavioural Decision Making, University of Leeds
Professor Rosie Campbell FAcSS, Professor of Politics, Birkbeck, University of London
Professor Christopher Cramer FAcSS, Professor of the Political Economy of Development SOAS, University of London
Professor Garry Crawford FAcSS, Professor of Cultural Sociology, University of Salford
Professor Elizabeth Dowler FAcSS, Emeritus Professor of Food and Social Policy, University of Warwick
Professor Rosaleen Duffy FAcSS, Professor of International Politics, University of Sheffield
Professor Peter Dwyer FAcSS, Professor of Social Policy, University of York
Ms Trudi Elliott CBE FAcSS, Chief Executive, Royal Town Planning Institute
Ms Rebecca Endean OBE FAcSS, Director of Strategy, UK Research and Innovation
Sir Terry Farrell CBE FAcSS, Principal, Farrells
Professor Scott Fleming FAcSS, Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies, Bishop Grosseteste University
Professor John Flint FAcSS, Professor of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield
Professor Jefferson Frank FAcSS, Professor of Economics, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Caroline Gatrell FAcSS, Professor of Organization Studies, University of Liverpool
Professor Frank Geels FAcSS, Professor of System Innovation and Sustainability, University of Manchester
Professor Ann-Marie Gray FAcSS, Professor of Social Policy, University of Ulster
Professor Jane Green FAcSS, Professor of Political Science, University of Manchester
Professor Chris Greer FAcSS, Professor of Criminology, City, University of London
Miss Debrah Harding FAcSS, Managing Director, Market Research Society
Professor Alma Harris FAcSS, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Bath
Professor Colette Henry FAcSS, Head of School of Business and Humanities, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Professor Kathryn Hochstetler FAcSS, Professor of International Development, London School of Economics
Professor Peter Hopkins FAcSS, Professor of Social Geography, Newcastle University
Professor Paula Hyde FAcSS, Professor of Organisation Studies, University of Manchester
Professor Beate Jahn FAcSS, Professor of International Relations, University of Sussex
Professor Deborah James FAcSS, Professor of Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science
Professor Will Jennings FAcSS, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, University of Southampton
Mr Paul Johnson FAcSS, Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Professor Michael Keith FAcSS, Director of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford
Professor Ray Land FAcSS, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, Durham University
Professor Liz Lloyd FAcSS, Professor of Social Gerontology, University of Bristol
Professor Simon Marginson FAcSS, Professor of International Higher Education, University College London
Professor Kenneth McPhail FAcSS, Professor of Accounting, University of Manchester
Professor Kathleen Montgomery FAcSS, Emerita Professor of Organizations and Management, University of California, Riverside
Professor Rachel Pain FAcSS, Professor of Human Geography, Newcastle University
Professor Gavin Parker FAcSS, Professor in Planning, University of Reading
Professor Nicholas Pearce FAcSS, Professor of Public Policy, University of Bath
Professor Jonathan Portes FAcSS, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King’s College London
Professor Claudio Radelli FAcSS, Professor of Political Science, University of Exeter
Professor Diane Richardson FAcSS, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, Newcastle University
Professor Nikolas Rose FAcSS, Professor of Sociology, King’s College London
Professor Dale Southerton FAcSS, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester
The Lord Taylor of Goss Moor FAcSS
Professor Peter Tufano FAcSS, Professor of Finance, University of Oxford
Professor John Turner FAcSS, Professor of Finance and Financial History, Queen’s University Belfast
Professor Jeffrey Unerman FAcSS, Professor of Accounting and Corporate Accountability, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Satnam Virdee FAcSS, Professor of Sociology, University of Glasgow
Richard Wakeford FAcSS, former Director General, Scottish Government and former CEO Countryside Agency
Professor Angelia Wilson FAcSS, Professor of Politics, University of Manchester
Professor Michael Woods FAcSS, Professor of Human Geography, Aberystwyth University
Ian Wray FAcSS, former Chief Planner, NW Regional Development Agency
Professor Nuala Zahedieh FAcSS, Professor of Economic and Social History, University of Edinburgh


Notes to editors:

1) For more information contact:
Kate Atkins
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2) The Academy of Social Sciences is the national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences. Its mission is to promote social science in the United Kingdom for the public benefit. The Academy is composed of around 1100 individual Fellows, 43 Learned Societies, and a number of affiliate members, together representing nearly 90,000 social scientists. Fellows are distinguished scholars and practitioners from academia and the public and private sectors. Most of the Learned Societies in the social sciences in the UK are represented within the Academy.