Forty-six leading social scientists conferred as Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences

October 26, 2015

  • Sir David Bell KCB, Vice Chancellor, University of Reading
  • Professor Ann Brooks, Bournemouth University
  • Emeritus Professor Charles Alderson, Lancaster University

The Academy of Social Sciences is delighted to announce that it has conferred the award of Fellow on the following 46 leading social scientists:

  • Emeritus Professor Charles Alderson, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and English Language Education, Lancaster University. Professor Alderson is a world-leader in the development of language testing, with a special interest in language for aviation and safety.
  • Professor Alan Alexander OBE, General Secretary, Royal Society of Edinburgh and Emeritus Professor of Local and Public Management, University of Strathclyde Business School. Professor Alexander is a key researcher in the field of local government, using his social science expertise as an advisor at the highest level in Scotland.
  • Professor Karl Atkin, Professor in Health Sciences, University of York. Professor Atkin is one of Britain’s leading contributors to the study of ethnicity, health and social care, working extensively across multidisciplinary environments.
  • Professor Dave Bartram, Chief Psychologist, CEB SHL Talent Measurement Lab. Professor Bartram is a pioneer in the academic field of psychometric testing.
  • Professor John Beath OBE, Emeritus Professor in Economics, University of St Andrews and former Secretary General Royal Economic Society. Professor Beath is an eminent figure in economics and a strong supporter of its social scientific nature.
  • Professor Jan Bebbington, Professor of Accountancy and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews. Professor Bebbington is a leading research in accounting and sustainable development.
  • Sir David Bell KCB, Vice Chancellor, University of Reading. Sir David has been a key researcher into education and has been a leader in its application to public services in local and national government.
  • The Lord Bichard of Nailsworth KCB. Lord Bichard KCB has been a leader in the public services committed to developing best practice through engagement with social science research. He was founder Director of the Institute for Government.
  • Professor Genie Birch, Lawrence C Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Birch is a leading international figure in the field of global sustainable urban development.
  • Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Professor of Health Systems Research, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Australia. Professor Braithwaite is a leading researcher in health care, especially health care quality, promoting the importance of interdisciplinary working.
  • Professor Ann Brooks, Professor of Sociology, Bournemouth University. Professor Brooks is a leading international academic researcher, who has developed interdisciplinary work focussing on education, gender, culture, migration and urbanism.
  • Professor Sylvia Chant, Professor of Development Geography, LSE. Professor Chant is a world-leading figure in international social science, helping to stake out the field of gender and development.
  • Professor Linda Clare, Professor Clinical Psychology of Ageing and Dementia, University of Exeter. Professor Clare is a leading figure in the development of understanding of the social dimension of the study of awareness and reduced awareness.
  • Professor Timothy Devinney, Professor and University Leadership Chair, University of Leeds. Professor Devinney is a leading figure in the field of business and management with particular emphasis on the integration of models, problems and unique methodological solutions, with an interest in the impact of ethical and social values on individual level choice behaviour.
  • Professor Mark Exworthy, Professor of Health Policy and Management, University of Birmingham. Professor Exworthy is a leader in the application of health studies research to policy and practice.
  • Professor Kiran Fernandes, Professor of Operations Management, Durham University. Professor Fernandes is a leading UK academic in the field of operations management.
  • Professor Stephen Frosh, Professor of Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London. Professor Frosh is a pioneer of the field of psychosocial studies, working across psychology, sociology, gender studies, ‘race’ and ethnicity studies as well as psychotherapy.
  • Professor Nicholas Gallent, Professor of Housing and Planning, University College London. Professor Gallent is a leading researcher in the field of UK housing planning, especially with reference to affordable housing and rural communities.
  • Professor Matthew Gandy, Professor of Geography, University College London. Professor Gandy is an internationally renowned interdisciplinary researcher in cultural, environmental and urban geography.
  • Professor Christopher Grey, Professor of Organization Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London. Professor Grey is a leading international figure in organisation studies, with a particular interest in the work of Bletchley Park.
  • Professor Karen Johnston, Professor of Political Studies, Glasgow Caledonian University. Professor Johnston is one of the UK’s leading scholars in public administration, public governance and public policy with a particular emphasis on gender.
  • Dr Helen Kara, Director, We Research It Ltd. Dr Kara is an independent social scientist working in social care and health, promoting high quality, inclusive research to central and local government and the third sector. She has a particular interest in creative research methods and research ethics.
  • The Lord Lipsey of Tooting Bec, Lord Lipsey is a leading promoter of social science knowledge within public life and the field of journalism, in particular the proper use of quantitative data especially in relation to elections and polling.
  • Kelvin MacDonald, Senior Visiting Fellow in Land Economy, Department of Land Economy, Cambridge University. Kelvin MacDonald is a key figure working at the interface between research, policy and practice in the field of spatial planning and housing.
  • Professor Anna Madill, Chair in Qualitative Inquiry, University of Leeds. Professor Madill is an internationally leading researcher in qualitative methods.
  • Professor Russell Mannion, Professor of Health Systems, University of Birmingham. Professor Mannion is a world leader in the study of the relationship between health care cultures, service quality and patient safety.
  • Professor Michael Murray, Professor of Psychology, Keele University. Professor Murray is a leading researcher in the critical study of health psychology and its connections with social theory.
  • Professor Jane Ogden, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Surrey. Professor Ogden is a leading researcher in the field of eating behaviour and obesity, women’s health and communication.
  • Professor Eric Pentecost, Professor of Economics, Loughborough University. Professor Pentecost is Chair of the Conference of Heads of University Departments in Economics. He is a leading researcher with particular interests in foreign exchange markets and EU monetary integration and impacts.
  • Professor Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration and Superdiversity, University of Birmingham. Professor Phillimore is a leading researcher nationally and in Europe on social policy issues arising from the increased and increasing diversity of British society.
  • Professor Alison Pilnick, Professor of Language, Medicine and Society, University of Nottingham. Professor Pilnick is a pioneer of the field of genetics and society and a leading researcher in ethnographic studies in healthcare.
  • Professor Martin Powell, Professor of Health and Social Policy, University of Birmingham. Professor Powell is a leading UK social policy academic with a particular focus on policy evaluation.
  • Professor Javaid Rehman, Professor of Islamic Law and Human Rights Law, Brunel University. Professor Rehman is a leading and high profile UK and global authority on Islamic law and international terrorism, as well as muslim family law.
  • Professor Sasha Roseneil, Professor of Sociology and Social Theory, Birkbeck, University of London. Professor Roseneil is a pioneer in interdisciplinary working, in particular producing widely influential work on the sociologies of social movements, gender and sexuality.
  • Professor Louise Ryan, Professor of Sociology, Middlesex University London. Professor Ryan is a pioneering researcher in the field of migration, in particular post-accession migration patterns in the EU.
  • Professor Shamit Saggar, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, University of Essex. Professor Saggar is a pioneering researcher in the area of ethnic minorities and representation.
  • Professor Ingrid Schoon, Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, UCL Institute of Education. Professor Schoon is one of the UK’s leading developmental psychologists, pioneering methods of working on child and adolescent development especially around the areas of social inequalities in aspiration, wellbeing and attainment.
  • Professor Neil Small, Professor of Health Research, University of Bradford. Professor Small is a leading researcher in social inequality and the health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups, especially those living with ageing and dementia.
  • Professor Gareth Stansfield, Al-Qasimi Chair of Arab Gulf Studies and Professor of Middle East Politics, University of Exeter. Professor Stansfield is a leading writer in the comparative and international politics of the wider Middle East region, in particular Islamic State, the Kurdish question and Iraq.
  • Professor Ken Starkey, Professor of Management and Organizational Learning, University of Nottingham. Professor Starkey is a leading figure internationally in the field of business and management studies, with a particular focus on research and research policy.
  • Professor Patricia Thomson, Professor of Education, University of Nottingham. Professor Thomson is a leading researcher on doctoral education.
  • Professor Kavita Vedhara, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Nottingham. Professor Vedhara is a leading researcher in understanding the psychobiological mechanisms of disease and the development of interventions to maximise health in patients with chronic disease.
  • Professor Judy Wajcman, Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology, LSE. Professor Wajcman is a leading researcher into the gendered nature of technology.
  • Professor Ya Ping Wang, Chair in Global City Futures, University of Glasgow. Professor Wang is a leading authority on development planning in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Professor Nicholas Wheeler, Professor of International Relations, University of Birmingham. Professor Wheeler is a leading figure in international relations, in particular humanitarian intervention.
  • Professor Alys Young, Professor of Social Work Education and Research, University of Manchester. Professor Young is a leading international researcher studying deaf people who use a signed language, and social work.

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