Identity, agency and fieldwork methodologies in risky environments: New CSS journal released

29 November 2018

The latest themed issue of the Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences ‘Contemporary Social Science’ has been released. The themed issue is titled ‘Identity, Agency and Fieldwork Methodologies in Risky Environments.’ It is edited by Monique Marks and Julten Abdehalim, deals with an interesting and rather under-represented area of the social sciences – the challenges of undertaking research within risky environments.

The range of articles in the issue look at this topic in different ways and in different settings, mainly anthropologically-based reflective pieces about the experiences of conducting ethnographic studies. The issue engages with different case studies in various and precarious geographical areas, including South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, India, Egypt and Yemen (with some researchers indigenous to the locations and others not).

The contents include:

Introduction: identity, jeopardy and moral dilemmas in conducting research in ‘risky’ environments
Monique Marks & Julten Abdelhalim

Field, ethics and self: negotiating methodology in a Hindu right wing camp
Aastha Tyagi

‘Don’t say “research”’: reducing bidirectional risk in Kibera slum
E. Ashley Wilson

Environmentalist protection: feminist methodology and participant risk for research with Chinese NGOs
Angela Leggett

Ethical and methodological responses to risks in fieldwork with deaf Ugandans
Goedele A. M. De Clerck & Sam Lutalo-Kiingi

‘We are your brothers, we will know where you are at all times’: risk, violence and positionality in Karachi
Sarwat Viqar

Accommodating fieldwork to irreconcilable equations of citizenship, authoritarianism, poverty and fear in Egypt
Julten Abdelhalim

Where the dust settles: fieldwork, subjectivity and materiality in Cairo
Aya Nassar

Risky closeness and distance in two fieldwork sites in Brazil
Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos

Rumours, fears and solidarity in fieldwork in times of political turmoil on the verge of war in Southern Yemen
Anne-Linda Amira Augustin