Intergenerational Relations in the Context of Changing Family and Household Structures

Seminar 2 in the current Series on International and Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Evidence-based Policy, organised by the Academy’s International Advisory Group, will look at intergenerational relations in the context of changing family and household structures. This half-day seminar in the new series on evidence-based policy will take the form of ‘conversations’ between researchers and policy advisers/users, followed by group discussions. The seminar will serve as a forum at which participants from different national and disciplinary perspectives discuss and develop ideas for projects and articles in themed issues of journals.

Convenors: Fran Bennett FAcSS, Oxford Institute of Social Policy, University of Oxford; Linda Hantrais FAcSS, LSE Centre for International Studies

Date: 22 March 2017 13.15‒17.00

Venue: Academy of Social Sciences, 33 Finsbury Square, London

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Outline: The linkages between changing family forms and household structures, on the one hand, and policy, on the other, are topics of perennial interest for researchers and policymakers across disciplines and societies. Both frequently have recourse to international comparative data to track and analyse socio-demographic, economic and political change, and to assess policy responses and outcomes. This seminar examines the evidence base from international research that explores the relationship between changes in family forms and household structures, and the social, economic and financial impacts of these changes on intergenerational relations from international and multi-disciplinary perspectives. Participants look at the ways in which the evidence base is being constructed and exploited in different policy contexts. They consider the main concerns of governments and the lessons that societies facing similar challenges might learn from one another, focusing on intergenerational relations and transfers, both within individual families and households and between different generations within societies.

Conversation 1: Implications of changing family forms and household structures for intergenerational relations and policy development

Interviewer: Jane Millar FAcSS, Department of Social Policy, University of Bath

in conversation with Ann Berrington, ESRC Centre for Population Change, University of Southampton

and Emily Grundy FAcSS, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science

Conversation 2: Changing family obligations, intergenerational transfers and policy development

Interviewer: Julia Brannen FAcSS, Thomas Coram Research Unit, University College London

in conversation with Mary Daly FAcSS, Oxford Institute of Social Policy, University of Oxford

and Ursula Henz, Department of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science

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