International Advisory Group (IAG) Seminars

January 2, 2014

Social Science Evidence and the Policy Process: International Insights


The Academy’s International Advisory Group was established in 2011 to advise Council on a co-ordinated strategy for developing its international profile. In addition to making recommendations to Council on internationalising membership and enhancing awareness of the Academy’s mission internationally, the IAG proposed to foster and develop opportunities for international social science research through work on international standards, training programmes for international careers, international research collaboration and international researcher mobility.

The proposal for a series of seminars exploring the value and potential transferability of international insights into ‘Social Science Evidence and the Policy Process’ was a response to the heightened interest being shown by governments at national and international level in evidence-based policy in the context of economic recession, the need to reduce public spending by achieving greater policy effectiveness and the search for sustainable solutions to economic and social problems.

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