ISSC-IDS Post-doctoral Fellowship

April 24, 2015

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The ISSC and IDS are seeking a motivated and outstanding post-doctoral researcher to do research and help with the editorial coordination of the 2016 World Social Science Report. We are looking for a talented, early career social scientist with long-term experience and an institutional affiliation in a low or middle income country, and a passion for making knowledge work to help solve global challenges.

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ISSC – IDS Post-Doctoral Fellow (Ref: 669)

Hours per week: Part-time, 18.5 hours per week

Contract type: Fixed term for up to 14 months Grade: 7

Salary: £34,137 – £45,121

Closing date: Wednesday 13 May 2015, 10am UK time Interview date: Friday 22 May 2015

Reporting to: The WSSR Report Director in IDS and the ISSC Executive Director


About IDS

IDS is a leading global charity for research, teaching and information on international development. Our vision is a world in which poverty does not exist, social justice prevails and economic growth is focused on improving human wellbeing. We believe that research knowledge can drive the change that must happen in order for this vision to be realised.

Founded in 1966, IDS enjoys an international reputation based on the quality of our work and our commitment to applying academic skills to real-world challenges. Our theory of change is at the heart of what we do. We think that knowledge should be generated by sound methodology and in partnership with other development and non- development actors.

The Institute is home to over 120 staff working in research and teaching, and about 200 students at any one time. But the IDS community extends far beyond this, encompassing an extensive network of over 360 global partners, 2,100 alumni and hundreds of former staff across the development community worldwide.

The Institute is currently refreshing its vision, structures and strategy to meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. Directions of change include: Strengthening the ‘engaged excellence’ of our work, including fuller integration of cutting-edge approaches to impact and communications throughout the Institute’s research and knowledge activities and deepened collaboration with the University of Sussex; Building a more global vision of development studies, with associated shifts of emphasis in content and approaches to international partnerships and alliances; Combining thematically-focused work in research and knowledge clusters with Institute- wide progress towards a set of major strategic goals, provisionally around reducing inequalities, accelerating environmental sustainability, building inclusive and secure societies, and harnessing digital opportunities for social justice.

About ISSC 

The International Social Science Council (ISSC) is an international, membership-based NGO and the primary body representing the social (incl. economic and behavioural)

sciences at an international level. Its mission is to strengthen global social science to help solve global priority problems. The ISSC works to increase both the production and use of social science knowledge in all parts of the world and for the well-being of societies everywhere.

The regular preparation of a World Social Science Report (WSSR) on global priority topics is a flagship activity of the ISSC. The Council prepared a first WSSR on Knowledge Divides in 2010.

It addressed the numerous divides that characterise the production, dissemination and use  of social sciences and aspects that fundamentally undermine their ability to respond to global challenges. In 2013 the ISSC co-published with UNESCO and OECD the second World Social Science Report, on Changing Global Environments. The third World Social Science Report will be published in 2016 and focus on the critical issues of inequalities and social justice. It will be co-directed by a senior research team composed of Melissa Leach, John Gaventa, and Patricia Justino from the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex.

Job Description 

Overall purpose of the role 

The ISSC and IDS are seeking a motivated and outstanding post-doctoral researcher to do research and help with the editorial coordination of the 2016 WSSR. We are looking for a talented, early career social scientist with long-term experience and an institutional affiliation in a low or middle income country, and a passion for making knowledge work to help solve global challenges.

The selected person will;

  • Carry out research and co-author specific contributions to the WSSR
  • Undertake literature reviews on specific topics
  • Lead coordination of the contributions to some of the WSSR sections

The role is based at IDS (Sussex, UK) and supervised by the WSSR directors there. They will also work in collaboration with the WSSR team based in the Paris secretariat of the ISSC. The selected candidate will be part of the WSSR editorial team

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

The ISSC/IDS Post-Doctoral Fellow, working under the leadership of the WSSR Directors and in close collaboration with the ISSC, will be part of a small editorial collective of 5/6 people.

They will be tasked to;

  • Provide written contributions to the WSSR
  • Undertake literature analyses to assist with the different sections of the Report
  • Participate in selecting contributors
  • Coordinating sections (including liaison with the authors) of the report
  • Draft syntheses, introductions, and conclusions
  • Participate in regular editorial meetings
  • Liaise with the reviewers
  • Undertake language editing

They will also liaise on a regular basis with the Paris based ISSC team: the ISSC Report manager, the WSSR Senior Advisor and the Acting Executive Director for Science.


You must be prepared to implement the Institute’s Equal Opportunities Policy at a level appropriate to the job and must at all times carry out your duties with due regard to the Institute’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Health and Safety

You must be prepared to be responsible for the implementation of, and compliance with, the provisions of legislation relating to the health and safety of such employees and areas of the workplace as fall under your direct control and for complying with legislation relating to such works and contracts as are within your direct responsibility.


You will be required to undertake such other duties appropriate to the grade and character of the work as may reasonably be required of you. Therefore, the list of duties in this job description should not be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive.

Your duties will be set out in this job description but please note that the Institute reserves the right to update your job description, from time to time, to reflect changes in, or to, your job. Significant permanent changes in duties and responsibilities will require agreed revisions to be made to this job description.  You will be consulted about any proposed changes.

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