Journal of Management Studies Conference 2018 – call for papers now open

19 September 2017

An International Conference Sponsored by Journal of Management Studies & Society for Advancement of Management Studies
18th-20th April, 2018
Babson College, USA

Diversity is a particularly pertinent issue due to a combination of established long-term trends and sudden political events. Organizations, their stakeholders, and communities face more forms and levels of diversity than before because of many societal developments, such as mass migration, aging populations, changing career patterns, same sex marriage legislation, and new generational life-styles and preferences. There are many more ‘others’ to take account of and this affects organizational issues ranging from career structures and HR strategies to customer expectations, investor relations, and strategy formulation. However, recent political events such as Brexit in the UK and Donald Trump’s election in the US have generated increasing calls for cultural cohesiveness, the celebration of ‘nativist’ and dominant identities as well as increase in the nationalistic rhetoric. As such, whilst diversity on the ground may be increasing, it is simultaneously confronted by new discourses of cohesiveness, coherence, nationalism and integration that emphasize local interests, values and identities.
This conference seeks to help establish a foundation for further development on our knowledge about diversity.

In line with the broad mandate of Journal of Management Studies as a general management journal, the conference aims to embrace a broad, multilevel view of diversity. At an individual level, diversity can be conceptualized as an intra-person phenomenon; at the group or team level it captures composition of the unit in terms of differences along meaningful characteristics (e.g., demographics, culture). At the organizational level, diversity may refer to cultural, demographic, ideological, or strategic differences between different stakeholders. Furthermore, at the network or inter-organizational/inter-unit level—including, but not limited to phenomena, such as alliances, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, outsourcing, multinational companies—inter-organizational diversity captures differences in the backgrounds, strategies, and resources of the organizations or units. Finally, diversity is also a relevant construct at a field, industry, institutional, national, or even supra-national level.


Call for Papers
An abstract of up to 1,000 words should be submitted by 16.00 GMT, 31st October 2017 by email to Margaret Turner at [email protected].
Acceptance of abstracts will be notified by 8th December 2017.
Full papers are to be submitted for circulation by 16.00 GMT, 16th March 2018.
Authors of papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit their papers for possible publication in a special issue of the Journal of Management Studies related to the topic of “Diversity Perspective on Management”. Presentation at the conference does not guarantee publication of the article nor will submissions to the special issue be limited to those that present at the conference.

Call for Participation
There is no conference fee, and we encourage a variety of modes of participation, from presentation of academic papers to the contribution of debate by taking on the role of discussant.
In addition to leading academics in the field of management studies, the conference will also bring together promising new researchers. Limited support for travel and accommodation will be offered to outstanding doctoral students.

Conference Organizing Committee
The conveners of the conference are Daniel Muzio, Corinne Post and Riikka Sarala and the editorial management team of Margaret Turner, Jo Cheseldine, Marianne Spence and Gemma Parkinson.

JMS Conference 2018 Call for Papers