Oxford Fellows Chapter discuss future of UK HE under UKRI

June 14, 2016

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The Oxford Fellows Chapter recently held one of its twice-yearly meetings. About 20 Fellows living and working around Oxford gathered at Kellogg College for a discussion with ESRC CEO Jane Elliott about the HE White Paper and Bill and the implications for social science, chaired by the Academy’s Chair, Professor Roger Goodman. A lively discussion followed Jane’s presentation, which had set out the underlying tensions in the UK’s position on a global stage, the wider context, the aspirations for a new structure after the Nurse Review, and the RCUK Global Challenges Research Fund.
UK HE as a global success story, the future trend towards inter-, trans – and cross-disciplinary work, the need to balance skills and activities within the research community, the need for greater collaboration, and a history of change and development, were all themes identified and brought out. The Chapter also discussed how the new UKRI structure might look and function in reality.
Discussion carried on through drinks and a convivial dinner, focussing on potential concerns for social science and consideration of how best to engage with the legislative process.

Thanks are due to Professors Jonathan Michie and Michael Harloe for arranging such an enjoyable event.

Fellows Chapters have been established in Oxford, Manchester and Yorkshire (based around Sheffield, York, Leeds and Bradford universities) and a new one is being established in the south-west of England – look out for more information soon. The Manchester Chapter met last month and the Yorkshire Chapter is currently arranging a 2016-17 programme.

If you are interested in establishing a local Chapter, please contact Madeleine Barrows.

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