Professor Louise Archer FAcSS wins ESRC Impact prize 2019

11 July 2019

Congratulations to our Fellow Professor Louise Archer and her team at the UCL Institute of Education on their receipt of the Panel’s Choice Award at the ESRC Impact prizes 2019. The Panel’s Choice award recognises that a finalist’s work was highly commended by the judging panel. Professor Louise Archer and colleagues won the award for their work on a new approach to science teaching which supports more young people to engage with science.

Professor Louise Archer FAcSS was also the finalist for the Outstanding Societal Impact prize. Professor Archer was recognised for her work in the two ASPIRES Projects (ASPIRES, 2009-2014 and ASPIRES2, 2014-present). Together these form a 10-year longitudinal study that has tracked the same cohort of young people from age 10 to 19 – aiming to understand what influences their science and career aspirations. To date the research team, led by Professor Louise Archer at the UCL Institute of Education, has surveyed over 40,000 students and conducted more than 650 interviews with students and parents. The surveys revealed that despite most young people finding science interesting, only about 16% wanted to continue with science post-16 and progress to a science-based career.

Read more about Professor Archer’s work on the ASPIRES project her prize here.