International and Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Evidence-based Policy – Seminar 3: Digital Society, 18 May

This half-day seminar in the new series on evidence-based policy will take the form of ‘conversations’ between researchers and policy advisers/users, followed by group discussions.

The seminar will serve as a forum at which participants from different national and disciplinary perspectives discuss and develop ideas for projects and articles in a themed issue of the Academy’s journal. 

Convenors: Linda Hantrais FAcSS, International Advisory Group, LSE Centre for International Studies; Ashley Lenihan, AcSS Senior Policy Adviser, LSE Centre for International Studies

Date: 18 May 2017 13.15‒17.00

Venue: Academy of Social Sciences, 33 Finsbury Square, London

Outline: In societies as culturally and geographically as diverse as Estonia and India, the digital revolution is having profound effects on everyday life, transforming how people learn, work, travel, and access healthcare, natural resources and communication networks. The e-society presents many challenges, involving risks and opportunities. The seminar explores how innovation can result from cooperation between researchers and policymakers, with contributors focussing particularly on developments in web science, online technologies, e-governance, e-health and children’s rights.


Conversation 1: Preparing for a digital age

Interviewer: Ashley Lenihan, AcSS Senior Policy Adviser, LSE Centre for International Studies

in conversation with Peter Elias CBE FRSS, Research Professor, Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, about research ethics and new forms of data for social and economic research

and Sonia Livingstone OBE, Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science, about opportunities and risks associated with digital and online technologies for children and young people at home and at school


Conversation 2 e-Society and policymaking/Digital democracy

Interviewer: Rushil Ranchod, Teaching Fellow in International Development, Department of Social Policy and Sciences, University of Bath

in conversation with Tarmo Kalvet, Senior Research Fellow, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, about new generation e-government services and the public sector as an agent of innovation in Estonia and elsewhere in the EU

and Ruth Kattumuri FAcSS, Co-Director LSE India Observatory, about the digital revolution in India, and policy related to e-governance, including various digital India programmes and government initiatives


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