Social Scientists Recognised in New Year’s Honours

January 5, 2015

The Academy congratulates all Fellows and other social scientists whose contribution to the nation has been recognised in the New Year’s Honours list. In particular we note:

  • Professor Sir Julian Le Grand FAcSS, Richard Titmuss professor of social policy at the London School of Economics, for services to social science and public service.
  • Professor Dame Teresa Rees FAcSS, professor of social science at Cardiff University, for services to social sciences.
  • Professor Sir Nigel Thrift FAcSS, vice-chancellor of the University of Warwick, for services to higher education.
  • Professor Heather Joshi CBE FAcSS emeritus professor of economic and developmental demography at the UCL Institute of Education, for services to longitudinal and women’s studies.
  • Professor Paul Webley CBE FAcSS, director of Soas, University of London, for services to higher education.
  • Profesor Iram Siraj OBE FAcSS, professor of early childhood education at UCL Institute of Education, for services to education.
  • Professor Susan Hallam MBE FAcSS, emerita professor of education and music psychology at UCL Institute of Education, for services to music education.

Other social scientists who have been recognised include:

  • Peter Rees CBE, professor of places and city planning at University College London, for services to architecture and town planning
  • Bill Whyte CBE, professor of social work studies in criminal and youth justice at the University of Edinburgh, for services to youth justice in Scotland.
  • Fiona Murray CBE, professor of entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for services to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Diane Birch OBE, professor of law at the University of Nottingham, for services to higher education.
  • Joan Hunt OBE, honorary professor at Cardiff Law School, for services to children.
  • Uduak Archibong MBE, professor of diversity at the University of Bradford, for services to higher education and equality.
  • Jan Burns MBE, head of the School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University, for services to people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Katharine Heron MBE, professor of architecture at the University of Westminster, for services to architecture and higher education.
  • Michael Jubb MBE, director at the Research Information Network, for services to the social sciences.
  • Elizabeth Trail BEM, lecturer at Bishop Barham University College, for education services in Uganda.

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