The Academy welcomes seven new Council members at 2019 AGM

25 June 2019

The Academy of Social Sciences welcomed seven new Council members at its 20th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20 June 2019 at 33 Finsbury Square, London.

The new Council members are:

Stephen Aldridge FAcSS – Director for Analysis and Data at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Professor Tim Allen FAcSS – Professor of Development Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Director, Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, LSE.

Professor Eileen Green FAcSS – A sociologist and former Chair of the British Sociological Association.

Lord Kerslake FAcSS – Chair of Peabody (housing association), London Collective Investment Vehicle, and the Centre for Public Scrutiny. A former Head of the Civil Service.

Professor Tony McEnery FAcSS – Professor, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University. Former Director of Research and Interim Chief Executive at ESRC.

Professor Judith Phillips OBE FAcSS – Deputy Principal (Research) and Professor of Gerontology, University of Stirling.

Professor Gill Valentine FAcSS FBA – Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sheffield.

The Council members retiring by rotation in 2019 are Professor Jane Broadbent FAcSS (Hon Secretary), Professor Mike Danson FAcSS (Hon Treasurer), Professor Robert Dingwall FAcSS, Emeritus Professor John Goddard OBE FAcSS, Professor Andrew Ross FAcSS, Professor Sue Scott FAcSS and Professor James Wilsdon FAcSS.

Additionally, Rita Gardner CBE FAcSS stood down in September 2018 on being appointed Chief Executive of the Academy and Professor Shamit Saggar CBE FAcSS (Chair of the Campaign for Social Science) stood down in April 2019 to take up a new job in Australia.

There are two remaining places on Council – one will be filled by the new Chair of the Campaign Board (recruitment now underway) and the second will be appointed once the composition of Council is fully known.

Lastly, the following appointments of Honorary Officers/Committee Chairs were also made:

Andrew Jones FAcSS (existing Council member) – Honorary Treasurer.

Jil Matheson FAcSS (existing Council member) – Honorary Secretary.

Gill Valentine FAcSS FBA – Nominations Committee Chair.