The Census 2021 – Shaping the Content

June 30, 2015

The Academy’s policy team will be responding to the ONS consultation on the content of the 2021 Census. The fate of the topics listed below is uncertain, in most cases pending investigation into administrative sources or because the move to primarily-online collection reduces their operational value.

If you’ve a view on their inclusion, perceive a strong case for a new topic, and/or have other points to contribute, please contact [email protected] by mid-July.

  • Supervisory status
  • Year last worked
  • Number of rooms
  • Type of central heating
  • Cars or vans
  • Long-term health problem or disability
  • Industry
  • Volunteering and unpaid work – not collected in 2011 but under consideration
  • Sexual identity – not collected in 2011 but under consideration

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