January 27, 2016

The Academy has been invited to submit nominations of individuals or organisations for the new LUI Che Woo Prize for World Civilisation. Very substantial prizes (HK$ 20 million each) will be awarded in three categories: 1) for contributions to the “Sustainable Development of the World”, with the 2016 specific area of focus “World Food Supply: Safety and Security”; 2)  for contributions to the “Betterment of the Welfare of Mankind”, with the 2016 specific area of focus “Treatment and/or Control of Epidemics, Infectious Diseases or Chronic Illnesses”; 3) for contributions to the “Promotion of Positive Life Attitude and Enhancement of Positive Energy”, with the 2016 specific area of focus on “Individuals or Organisations Whose Behaviour and Achievement Inspire, Energise and Give Hope to Others”.  More information can be found at . Please send nominations by 15 February to Madeleine Barrows at the Academy.



  • Only invited nominations will be accepted; uninvited nominations and self-nominations are ineligible.
  • Nominators must decide which Prize Category is the most suitable for the nominees.
  • Nominations of candidates must include all the information required by the nomination documents provided by the Prize Company.
  • A nomination is valid only if it is received by the Prize Company on or before the deadline.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • The Prize Company may use any intellectual property contained in a nomination application for the purposes of assessing nominations and awarding Prizes.

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