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12th January 2019

AcSS and CfSS response to the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee inquiry into Brexit: EU Student Exchanges and Funding for University Research

6th December 2018

Academy of Social Sciences and Campaign for Social Science – Written evidence (ESE0013) The Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science have long argued that retaining the closest possible association with the EU framework programmes, and access to exchange programmes like Erasmus+, are necessary to ensure the continued vibrancy and vitality of the UK science and research sector. This would not only help safeguard research funding and continued opportunities… Read more »

Academy and Campaign respond to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Brexit Inquiry

21st February 2018

Responding to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee Brexit Science and Innovation Summit Inquiry, the Academy and Campaign stress previous calls for ‘appropriate visa policies’ for universities and the wider research community. They argue that ‘straightforward and flexible recruitment and retention’ of international researchers would ensure the UK has the necessary skills… Read more »

Academy and Campaign welcome Brexit report and additional visas

17th November 2017

The Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS) and its Campaign for Social Science (CfSS) welcome the British Academy’s report, ‘Brexit Means?’,  which sets out the BA’s priorities for the humanities and social sciences in the current Brexit negotiations. The impact of Brexit on higher education in all disciplines has been raised by many. This includes implications for… Read more »

Response to the Triggering of Article 50

29th March 2017

Today, the UK Government triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, beginning the process of our withdrawal from the European Union. As negotiations with the other 27 EU countries begin, we recognise the pressures the Government faces in obtaining the best possible deal for the UK. With this in mind, the Academy of Social Sciences… Read more »

Brexit and UK (Social) Science: Developments to date

20th February 2017

The Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science have today (February 20) published a new briefing note on Brexit. Read the full note here This note outlines Government statements related to recommendations the Academy and Campaign have made since the EU referendum. It provides a summary of the Government’s response to some… Read more »

Leave – Academy briefing for UK social science in response to EU referendum vote

24th June 2016

Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS, Chair of the Academy of Social Sciences, says ‘This will result in uncertainty for the social science community, with implications for research funding, international collaboration, freedom of movement, and capacity building.’ The Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science summarise… Read more »