Sample Statements of Justification

IMPORTANT: Please note these samples are wholly fictitious and any apparent reference to any person or organisation, living or dead, is purely coincidental. These sample statements are offered simply as a guide to the general style and approach that is welcomed by the Nominations Committee. They are not in any way prescriptive, but are merely indicative. The key purpose of the Statement of Justification is to outline the ways in which the nominee meets the criteria laid out in the Nominations Guidelines under ‘What Makes a Good Nominee?‘, the evidence for which is contained clearly within the summary CV that is supplied as part of the nomination.  

Professor Jane Jones

  • Professor Jane Jones is one of the leading figures in the field of Social Science Studies, both nationally and internationally and would be an admirable and useful addition to the Academy’s Fellowship.
  • Her standing in the field is well-established and widely acknowledged both through extensive use and citation of her work and also through strong and frequent engagement with the academic community worldwide.
  • She has also gone above and beyond the normal demands of her position, actively promoting her findings to wider publics through interaction with the media and the policy world. For example, you will see from her CV that she has appeared on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and before the Education Select Committee on the topic of People and its implications for education policy.
  • She was a pioneer in developing this new field of research, having already established herself strongly within the field of General Social Studies. Of particular note was her drive and enthusiasm to develop new methods of research, including the ‘Jones Variability Test’ which has since become a standard tool in Social Science Studies.
  • She has a strong, consistent record of publishing within the leading journals in her field and has authored or co-edited the leading works in Social Science Studies.

Professor Vijay Thakur OBE

  • Professor Vijay Thakur OBE has been at the forefront of the field of International Social Science Studies for the last thirty years.
  • His early work on the nature of global people organisations (with Jane Smith) is considered seminal, and the THE cited him as one of the most ‘successful academic writers’. He has published over 190 scholarly articles in edited volumes and international journals, including 23 in the Journal of Social Science Studies, the leading journal in the field.
  • Vijay was appointed Chair of the REF 2014 sub-Panel for Social Science Studies and a member of the RAE Panel in 2008. Further evidence of his eminence in the field is contained below in his CV.
  • The scale and depth of the academic impact of Vijay Thakur’s work is best exemplified by the April 2012 special issue of the Journal of Social Science Studies which was dedicated to Vijay Thakur and Jane Smith’s path-breaking 1983 book People. Further evidence of the strength of his publication record and the impact of his work is enumerated below in his CV.
  • Vijay has been constantly active in his service to the wider profession. One significant focus and outlet for his citizenship roles has been the British Society for Social Science Studies, which he chaired for six years (1992-1998). He was instrumental in developing the Society’s extensive and widely admired work with young career researchers.
  • Professor Thakur has constantly sought to contribute to policy debates and to disseminate his work to wider audiences, including communicating academic research findings to the practitioner communities such as the CBI. Most noteworthy in this regard was his establishment of a regular seminar series to bring the two communities together.
  • Professor Thakur was awarded the OBE in 1995 for services to People.

 Florence Pinchbeck FBASSS

  • Florence Pinchbeck is a Fellow of the British Association of Social Science Studies [BASSS]and a leading figure in developing successful interfaces between academic research and commercial work. She is Director of Policy at LargeCompany PLC and is on the team for the Government Office for Science’s Foresight project on The Future of People.
  • She co-founded LargeCompany’s research and policy team, leading it to be a beacon for the use of social science research in the commercial world. Several other large PLCs (including NationalCompany and InternationalCompany) have adopted Florence’s model of interaction with the research community and publicly acknowledge the benefits that this has brought.
  • Florence has established a strong personal reputation on strategic policy issues at the interface between People studies, economics, environment and planning during a career spanning over thirty years. She has been and is currently a member of many high-level bodies as detailed in her CV; of particular note is her work on the Government Advisory Committee on environmental standards and her membership of the London Mayor’s Ever-Bigger City Commission. She also chaired 5 public examinations of draft local environmental strategies on behalf of the government’s Environmental Agency in 2011-2013.
  • As a practitioner her opportunity to write and publish has naturally been limited. Nevertheless Florence has authored and co-authored several articles in leading environmental journals, as outlined in her CV. She has published particularly on the experience and benefits of establishing systems for bringing academic researchers together with the corporate world.
  • The British Association of Social Science Studies believes that Florence’s eminence and contribution to wider social science through her intellectual leadership of People studies and environmental issues, make her a worthy addition to the Academy’s Fellowship.