The Academy is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee no 3847936 and is registered as a charity no 1088537.

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association [pdf]

Operating Rules of Academy of Social Sciences v 9 July 2014 [pdf]

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Current Committee Membership

The Academy’s Council is assisted by various Committees and Groups. These are listed below. Council members are listed in italics. Dates for meetings may be found here.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Chair: Professor Tony McEnery FAcSS

Professor Jane Broadbent FAcSS

Professor Eileen Green FAcSS

Professor Michael Hoey FAcSS

Professor Christine Oughton FAcSS


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Campaign for Social Science

Chair: Professor Bobby Duffy

Kelly Beaver

Dr Patrick Diamond FAcSS

Jon Deer

Professor Rick Delbridge FAcSS

Dr Claire Donovan

Professor John Goddard FAcSS

Desiree Lopez

Ziyad Marar

Rachel Neaman

Professor Jonathan Portes FAcSS

Professor Andrew Russell

Dr Chris Tyler

Professor James Wilsdon FAcSS

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CEO-Chief Officers of Learned Societies Group

Chair: Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS


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Executive Committee

Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS (Chair of the Academy)

Professor Bobby Duffy (Chair of the Campaign for Social Science)

Professor Andrew Jones FAcSS (Hon Treas)

Dame Jil Matheson FAcSS (Hon Sec)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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International Advisory Group

Core Group:

Chair: Professor Linda Hantrais FAcSS

Professor Julia Brannen FAcSS

Chris Caswill FAcSS

Professor Mary Daly FAcSS

Professor Judith Phillips FAcSS

Jon Deer FAcSS

Professor Ulrich Hilpert FAcSS

Dr Ron Iphofen FAcSS

Dr Ruth Kattumuri FAcSS

Dr Ashley Thomas Lenihan AcSS

Professor Susanne MacGregor FAcSS

Professor Tom Schuller FAcSS

Associate Members:

Professor Kirsten Ainley

Professor Jo Beall

Fran Bennett FAcSS

Dr Dave Filipović-Carter

Sally Hardy FAcSS

Dr Abbi Hobbs

Professor Jane Millar FAcSS

Dr Andrew Sors

Dr Anthony Teasdale FAcSS

Professor Sylvia Walby FAcSS

Professor Antje Wiener FAcSS

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Nominations Committee

Chair: Professor Gill Valentine FAcSS

Stephen Aldridge FAcSS

Richard Bartholomew FAcSS

Professor Richard Black FAcSS

Professor Ann Brooks FAcSS

Professor Paul Carmichael FAcSS

Professor David Charles FAcSS

Professor Abby Ghobadian FAcSS

Professor Robert Haining FAcSS

Professor Anthea Tinker FAcSS

Professor Julia Twigg FAcSS

Professor Antje Wiener FAcSS

Professor Stephen Wood FAcSS

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Public Honours Committee

Chair: Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE FAcSS

Dame Janet Finch DBE FAcSS

Professor Sir Roderick Floud FAcSS

Professor John Goddard OBE FAcSS

Lord Kerslake FAcSS

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